A turning point in the wellness industry

Joëlle and Stéphanie have always been passionate about health and well-being, on a spiritual, mental and physical level. In 2021, these two young female entrepreneurs joined forces with a third business partner, Maxime, to found the ODAYA™ Wellness brand via the marketing agency Tingg inc.

A modern company, founded on 3 core values: quality, simplicity & inclusivity.

ODAYA™ Wellness was born from the common desire of the 3 co-founders to offer products designed to bring great comfort to people, in a world where everything is fast-paced and where stress factors are everywhere. Joëlle, Stéphanie and Maxime aim to bring comfort, pleasure and confidence through different products whose ingredients and materials are specially selected for optimal health and lifestyle, in addition to creating a community where all genders are celebrated.